Shopping can be your saving tool!

We all shop for our daily essential items and utilities. While buying them, our mind justifies each spending with one good reason, i.e. “that’s what we earn for”. But, trouble arises when we overjustify our spendings. The frequent visits at the shop mart lures us towards un-essential buying.  

Portrait of happy young housewife putting money into piggy bank after shopping on local market

As another option, a planned and periodic shopping can get you your not so scheduled savings. The formula revolves around smart shopping and setting priorities. Prioritize your essentials and timely update your wish list. Instead of making a new list of “to be bought” items in every first week, go for editing it! Ask yourself, what difference is it going to make, if a certain necessity is postponed or avoided.

shopping saving

If still your mind persuades you add some extra chocolates to the cart or an extra jar of Nutella for those midnight hunger pangs, hence, make a deal with your ticklish brain and delay it. The suspension fades out the sudden obsession and you end up saving those bucks which otherwise, you would not have recognized as a waste purchase. Treat yourself to something yummy when the month ends or go for that lovely T-shirt, you have yearned for months. After all, your mind deserves it, for a smart move!

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