Feel the Italy!


Dive into its world class cuisine experience, its high art and monuments which can be found anywhere in the country, not to forget its panache in the fashion world and its diversity in dialects and cultures!  Italy in itself is a heritage site. The European union surrounds two mini-states named San Marino and Vatican City.

The place has all those charms that can make you fall for it! The finely architectured , Italian piazzas and public squares are nowhere else to be seen in the world.


These marvels are a part of convenient places of Italians for their get together and chit chat. Italian pizzas, piazzas and palazzos there have their unique values and matchless  magnetism in the world.

The rich in beauty places are worth admiring slowly and not a place for half-hearted observers.  Though the place is a bit expensive with the accommodation and food. But if you have got your heart on  it, it’s all worth it!  Pleasurably, the train transportation system is affordable and connects all visitable places.


The Venice Carnival for sure attract visitors in great droves. The masqueraded crowd and musical bedlam make the city Vanice not very affordable,  but lovable during the February.


Besides this festival, the city is complete for a honeymoon experiencing couple. Don’t miss the gondola ride, cheap drinks and your  lovey-dovey candlelight dinner.

Make your day busy by wandering through Pompeii.


The ash laden ancient city which was destroyed by Volcano. The beautiful and colourful frescoes are still admirable there. After then, move your heads towards The city of Rome. Besides its historical beauty , also go for some tourist ventures with cheap food available at Trastevere student neighborhood west the river. The little bars, small streets there offer your perfect leisure time.

Meet your love! And Siena is the name of the place. The medieval city has its visible magnificence in its entangled lanes around the arena of Piazza del Campo.


Whether be it those gorgeous, relaxing lakes, boundless and eye treating beaches in Sicily, extensive wineries , its splendor collection of museums the encomium is a never ending one!

Well! This was an attempt to fix your mind there! Don’t delay it more, because it’s rightly said that a life is incomplete without a trip to Italy! Find the right source and get the tickets booked. WOWSTM.com can prove to be a good path to start with!


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