Find a corner of the Caribbean suitable to your budget.

Break the misconceptions about evaluation of some lovely destinations. Caribbean islands are one such places, people resist to try them because of the high cost notion in their minds.  Also, lots of confusion is unquestionable, when it comes to choosing the one among them. Go as your wishes say and choose the good one. There is always a way out! Following some tips might not save you the fortunes,  but surely can be a reliever from unwanted wastage of currency.


Though it’s an expensive part of the world, prices vary according to your destination island. If we talk about food, meals in restaurants near cruise ports and resort have exorbitant prices.  Feel the nature and be organic! Enjoy your own cooked reasonably priced meal. Also, the activity can give you and your partner, a moment of the day picture!

There are least hacks available in the transportation system, because in order to move from one island to another, you need your own boat or fly. Though, moving within an island is quite suitable for pockets. Bus services are easily available and inexpensive.  Or hitchhiking  is a safe option available to you! Snorkeling is one of the most fun and in budget activity costing you around $20.

Travelling off season,  try local alcohol, taking a cruise providing all facilities can serve the money saving purpose to a great extent.

Some of the cheap options among many islands are available, you just need to have a look!


Cancun list itself as the cheapest Caribbean destination. Cheap flights is one contributor. Also, places down in Playa del Carmen are quite affordable and a lovely place to choose, also not far from the airport.

Coming ahead in the list, Punta Cana provides relief in prices in the accommodation.


Some very good packages are also available, including air and hotel costs. Varadero, Cuba is also an another equally moderately priced option.


The list of islands goes on with increase in cost, but these were some of the hopeful options for some of us, carrying dreams of experiencing The Carribean holiday at least once in a lifetime. Dreams and desires are never unachievable, if one chase them with right plan and means! Make your one such tool.


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