Music system now at your palms

This 21st century is full of party animals. The reason could be anything be it birthday, anniversary, I know these are the most common ones but I have many more, 1st salary, 1st proposal, got girlfriend or boyfriend or breakups. Frankly speaking we don’t need any reason, we just have one question ‘where’s the party tonight’.

dj image

Not only the party even for any hangout we just need our friends around us and a loud music. The only problem is we can’t keep loudspeakers with us all the time. But the technology has always been two steps forward to us. The sound engineer has created an instrument called iphone horn stand, which has the ability to give the feel of a high quality music system.


The iPhone Horn is made by silicone material and you can use it both horizontally for the music and also vertically to watch video with boosted volume. It features a slot for access to the dock connector as well. The horn stand is available in multiple colors i.e. green, black, white, pink etc.


The iPhone Horn Stands are washable, flexible, and scratch-resistant. The bent horn design provides ample support in both horizontal and vertical arrangements. The stand doesn’t cover any part of the phone screen and the silicone button identifies the home button. The iPhone Horn Stand acoustically amplifies the sound from the built-in speaker of your iPhone it does not require any external power source such as batteries, wires etc. Now you and your friends can enjoy music and videos up to 13 decibels louder.


Visit OWO Shop for best designed and multi color mobile horn stands.


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