Tempered Glass: Safe screen with clear vision

Touch Screen is one of the most sensitive and important parts of your Smartphone. Without it you cannot interact with your Smartphone. Tempered glass screen protectors are great!!  They not only protect our mobile phone screens but also provide it smooth touch, clear visibility and of course save it from scratches. Tempered glass also maintains the incredible screen clarity, response and protection that some standard plastic screen covers lack. On the other hand, the thinness of a regular PU plastic screen protector helps does keep the device slim and allows you to keep your screen protector on while using cases with built in screen protectors.

temper 1

Not all Smart phones come with Gorilla glass or Dragon trail glass protection. So in this situation you have to use that plastic screen guard or protector to protect your screen from scratches. These plastic screen protectors do not last longer because they can get scratched very easily and then they reduce the visibility of your screen. Hence, are not safe and secure for your smart phone screen. Opt for either tempered glass or purchase phone equipped with gorilla glass.

tempered 22

Various kind of screen protectors are available, out of which, Gorilla Glass, Dragon trail glass and tempered glass are few which can be purchased easily online and offline both. Gorilla glass has few features which are unlike tempered glass. Mobile phones equipped with gorilla glass and dragon trail glass consists of high resistance feature, wherein glasses of such phones cannot easily be broken or scratched. Whereas smart phones equipped with tempered glass are safe for the phone which aren’t having gorilla or dragon trail glass inbuilt in it.

temper  3

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