Myths related to online shopping- Now busted!


Old wives’ tale says that online shopping is a scam and you should never shop online. Online shopping is surrounded by many myths and people often choose to believe them. While traditional shopping is safe, online shopping is made equally safe with the advancement of technology. But the myths associated with it never seem to go away and here are few of the myths that people believe in.

Fake products

The first thing that concerns you while shopping online is the originality of the product. Internet is a vast place and it is full of shady people. But that does not mean no one can be trusted. There are many trusted shopping sites that guarantee the originality of its products and do not sell fake products.

Payment risks

Money is another factor that people worry about in case of online shopping. Although it might be false to say that money scams do not exist, but there trusted and esteemed shopping sites that have safe payment options. There is cash on delivery (COD) option that allows you to pay for your product on delivery and it is the safest mode of payment. Apart from this, online payment methods are also safe as all the transactions are made through OTP or one time password.

Refunds and exchange problems

Issues related to refunds and exchanges are also one of the prominent reasons why people avoid shopping online. But reputed shopping portals promise to refund your money in case of defected products received and they do not stray from their promises. In case you need a product to be exchanged, there are simple steps by which you can exchange your product easily without any added cost.

 Customer care issues

In conventional shopping, you can go over to the retailer and talk to them directly about any problem you might be facing which is really convenient. Shoppers are usually afraid that their pleas will go unnoticed by the online retailer and the issue might remain unsolved. But that is not true; most online shopping sites offer great customer care services and your problems are given due attention. You are given the option of email and personal phone call.

At owogroup, customer satisfaction is our first priority and we offer free shipping, money back guarantee and 24×7 customer support.


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