Facts about mobile phones that will shock you

Your mobile phone is your savior and you cannot go a day without it. Apart from connecting you with your friends and family, it performs multiple functions for you; in a nutshell, it’s a mini computer. You are already aware of its functions and features and you are quite a pro at operating it, but there are many interesting facts that you might not know. Read on to find out shocking facts about mobile phones.

1. Almost every one of us had a Nokia 1100 at some point in our lives. Did you know that it was the most sold gadget of all time with 250 million pieces sold.


2. We all know that public toilets are icky, but not as icky as our phones. Apparently, our phones carry 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle.


3. Talking about hygiene, it is ironic that about 4 million people use a mobile phone but 3.5 million of people brush their teeth. The need for a mobile phone has clearly surpassed the need to stay hygienic.


4. Waterproof mobile phones might not be so popular in India, but in Japan 90 percent of mobile phones manufactured are waterproof. As it turns out, people love to use their phones in showers in Japan.


5. And about using phones in bathrooms; did you know that in Britain, 100,000 phones are dropped in the toilet each year.

Mobile-phone-falling-repairing-service-broken (1)

6. We know sky’s the limit when it comes to expensive things and Apple bagged the credit of introducing the world’s most expensive phone. The company launched an iPhone 5 completely studded with 26 carat black diamond priced at $15.3 million for filthy rich people of the world.


7. We all are skeptical when it comes to china made products, but if truth be told, the country manufactures 70 percent of world’s mobile phones.


8. Our smart phones have made online shopping really easy. Almost 74 percent of the people in the world use their phones to help with their shopping and 79 percent of the people use their phones to shop to make the final purchase.


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