Know everything about Pokémon Go, the record-breaking game by Nintendo

Remember when we were kids and while watching Pokémon we would wish we were Ash Ketchum and had a Pickachu of our own? Ah! Good old days. Well, Pokémon Go makes your childhood fanatsy come true by letting you catch Pokémons of your own while exploring your surrounding just like Ash did.

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Pokémon became a huge hit when it first aired on TV in the late 1990s by Nintendo and with a touch of creativity Nintendo hands down the best game till date that is played by more than 20 million daily active Pokémon lovers. The augmented reality game is spreading like a plague and is stirring nostalgia among the masses in its wake. Everywhere you will see people looking for a Pokémon to catch, be it workplace or the nearby museum.

Say, what’s the huge deal about the game?

To start with, Pokémon Go requires you to get moving outside your house if you want to play. The game uses your clock and GPS system in your phone to track down your location and plants Pokémons in your locality for you to capture them. Based on what time it is and where you are currently standing, it shows you different Pokémon on your screen while you are playing in the real world. The main motive behind the game is to get you moving which has been medically approved to improve your mental and physical health.


But the game doesn’t end here; you can train these exotic magical creatures to evolve in better Pokémons. Apart from this, you are also provided with Pokéstops which are certain locations around you in the in-built map of the game that gives you Pokéballs, eggs that later hatch into Pokémons and you can also download special lures to tempt more Pokémon to come to you. There are also certain things that you can buy with money to further lure more Pokémons.


As we know, Ash would battle with gym leaders to earn his badges and train his Pokémons; the game mimics the show in a way that you can evolve your Pokémons by giving them special items and using them to fight with gym leaders. Apart from evolving your Pokémons, it will take you to a new level where you can open your own gym and capture rare Pokémons.


This record-breaking game is attracting more users than Facebook, twitter and Instagram on the daily basis. The craze is gripping the world with such intensity that people are appearing in a great number in places like museums and parks that are as Pokéstops that used to be rather empty before the launch of the. The game is really a fun way to enhance the rather boring reality and when you see a Bulbasaur or a Jiggly puff outside the window, you gotta catch ‘em all.

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