Gift ideas for your friends on friendship’s day

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No matter how old you get, you always need friends to add hues of joy to your life. They are the people with whom you have lived the craziest dreams and spent countless hours making unforgettable memories that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. Friends are undeniable the best part of life. Not everyone is blessed with great friends and if you are, you must really count yourself lucky. Talking about friends, Friendship’s day is around the corner and you must already be planning a rendezvous with your friends. But your great friends deserve more than that. This friendship’s day, spoil your friends with presents and watch a huge smile erupt on their face as you show them how much they mean to you. Looking for gift ideas for your friends? Look no more; here are few of the things that you can gift your friends.

Phone cases


Do you have gadget-guru in your gang? Mobile back covers make a unique gift idea for friends who are crazy about their phones. And a pretty phone case is always a great idea. You can either buy it from your nearest store or check them out online.



For that person with a huge sweet-tooth, chocolates are always welcome. Get a pack of assorted chocolates and dig in with your friend while you walk down the memory lane with them.

Bluetooth earphones

Bluetooth earphones are another great option for those who love gadgets. They are versatile and really functional and they will definitely be put to great use by your friend.

Car mobile holder

Do you know a friend who always uses their phone while driving and it makes you worry about them? Gift them a car mobile holder to make sure they use their phone safely while driving and it’s a subtle yet effective way of telling them how much you care about them.

Cute notebooks


Nothing can be a better gift for a friend who loves to write than a cute, fun notebook. You can either get a get one from the market or you can get a simple notebook and design it yourself using washi tapes, stickers, paints and more.


For a unique gift idea, go with bumper phone case for your friend. They are a candy to the eyes and quite functional. You can choose from a great deal of variety and colors to suit your friend’s taste.

Visit owogroup to shop online for phone cases, bumpers, Bluetooth earphones, car mobile holders and more to gift your friends on this friendship’s day at amazing prices.


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