Revive old friendships on friendship’s day

Just like old wine, old friends are precious. These are the people with whom you have had craziest experiences and shared bellyaching laughter. No matter where you go and how many new people you meet, nobody can possibly replace your old friends. They are truly a blessing. But with the course of time, we often lose touch with them and the distance between you and them continues to grow to the point that there’s hardly any contact left. This friendship’s day, revive your old friendships. Here are few of the ways that you can use.


Now you might be wondering why email when you can text? If you have lost touch with your old friend, texting might seem a tad weird. Email your friend an old anecdote involving both of you. You friend will definitely reach you out after reading it.


Make a list of contacts

If you are one of those people whose contact list is huge, the calls and text messages from old friends often get ignored. To make sure that doesn’t happen again, make a list of people you want to reach out to and make time to contact each one of them from time to time.

Make a list of contacts

Video call

Another great way to reach out to an old friend is by video calling them on their birthday. It will take them by surprise and they will definitely consider the efforts you are making in reaching out to them.

Video call

Send pictures

Do you have any old pictures of you and them? Use them to get in touch with your friend again by sending those embarrassing yet fun pictures that you clicked ages ago. It gesture will seem intimate and touching.

Send pictures

Social media

Social media is a great platform to reconnect with your old friends. Simply like and leave a comment on their recent pictures and ping them later. Talk about them and life events and it will seem as if you never stopped talking with them at the first place.

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