Five unique ways to celebrate Independence Day

Every year on 15 August, India surges with pride and patriotism runs in the veins of the citizens. The day reminds us of India’s struggle against the slavery of British and all those who fought tirelessly to win back the freedom. It is when martyr comes alive in the hearts of Indians and drapes the nation in saffron, white and green. Independence Day is a grand affair in the nation and is celebrated with splendor in every school, office and by the government. And if you are looking for unique ways to celebrate the 70th Independence Day, here are few ideas for you.

Throw a theme party

A social gathering to remember those who sacrificed themselves so that we could have a better future is probably one of the best ways to celebrate the Independence Day. You can throw an Independence Day themed party where you can set up a dress code and take a moment to remember the martyrs.

independance day

Visit a national landmark

Visiting a national landmark is another great way to celebrate the Independence Day with your friends. You can pack some food and take a mat to have a picnic near a national landmark and if it’s open, you can visit it and learn more about history of the place.


Watch a patriotic movie or a documentary

There are many movies that were made in honor of our freedom fighters and they should not be missed. Either you can call your friends over and watch the movie by yourself, it is fun anyway. These movies are a great way to learn something about the past. And if you are interested in documentaries, the day is perfect for patriotic documentaries.


Read a book

If you are an avid reader, why don’t you pick a book about struggles that India faced under the British raj? You can learn about the people involved in fighting for freedom and the significant incidents that are little known today. You will be filled with a sense of pride and patriotism.


Watch the local parade

Independence Day is celebrated everywhere with huge enthusiasm in our country whether it’s in schools, offices or residential colonies. And if you are lucky there might be an independence day parade arranged by the locals that you can go and watch.

Watch the local parade

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