Whatsapp tips and tricks

What is the first thing you check when you unlock the screen of your phone? We bet its Whatsapp. How do we know this? Let’s just say that when we think texting, Whatsapp props in our mind and texts are the first thing we check. The app is ridiculously helpful and has made texting easier to a great extent; what would we do without it? Make texting easier and more convenient with these hacks.


Recover deleted messages

There are tons of times when we accidentally delete our messages but if you are thinking that you lost your texts forever with your best friend, you are wrong. Whatsapp has a backup for all of your chats and to access it, go to setting> chats and there you will find an option for backup. To restore your chats, simply uninstall Whatsapp, and then reinstall it and voila, you have successfully restored your chats.

Recover deleted messages

Save memory of your phone

If you are added in various miscellaneous groups or have annoying people in your contact list who send you “good morning” and “good night” pictures all the time; you will understand how quickly your phone’s memory gets full with these useless images and videos. To prevent this from happening, simply go to Whatsapp settings and turn off automatic downloads. Through this you can download the images you really want and the rest of them will not be downloaded.

Save memory of your phone

Reply later

If your hands are full right now and you cannot reply or don’t want to reply to particular chats, here’s a life saver. Press long on the chat and mark it as unread and Whatsapp will remind you later to reply to these chats. It will save you from the dreaded, “you saw my text but didn’t reply” conversation.

Reply later

Maintain privacy

Let’s just say, Whatsapp groups are overrated. People keep adding you to groups with people you don’t even know. To avoid giving away your personal data like pictures or when you go to bed, switch your privacy to contacts or none.

Maintain privacy

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