Rakshabandhan gift ideas for your sister

Your sister might be annoying sibling who always got you in troubles when you were little but she is also your partner-in-crime, your best friend, your confidant and next to your mother. The auspicious day of celebration of the bond between brothers and sister is finally here when she ties the pretty silk sacred thread on your wrist and wishes for your well being and asks you to protect her. It is the day of siblings and a celebration of the relationship you share with them. The day is here and you haven’t yet decided what to gift your sister? Stop worrying and check out our list of gift ideas for your sister.


Phone cases

While you are promising to protect your sister from any harm that may come to her, why not give her a phone case to protect her phone as well. Available in numerous designs and patterns, phone cases are a great gift idea since you can get one that matches her taste. Phone cases also double as a fashion accessory hence it is an ideal gift for girls who love to play around with fashion.

Phone cases


Girl love to carry around their whole world in a small bag and you must have often seen your sister struggling to stuff all her things in a tiny bag and then struggle again to dig out a single item. For girls, new bags are always welcome. Gift a nice bag to your sister and watch how her face erupts in a huge grin.


iPhone horns

No festival in India is complete without music and we love to play our music loud. After she ties the sacred Rakhi on your wrist, surprise her with an iPhone horn. If she is a sucker for loud music, there’s probably no other gift best suited for her than an iPhone horn.

iPhone horns

Gift basket

What is your sister’s hobby? Does she like to paint or is she annoyingly into beauty products? Get a basket and create an ensemble of things she likes. For instance, if she loves her nails, fill the basket with nail paints, nail file and other manicure products and she will absolutely love your creativity. And if you can’t think of what to put in it, simply put her favorite chocolates and tie some ribbons to it and you are done.

Gift basket

Car mobile holder

You are promising to keep her safe and to ensure that she drives her car safely, get her a car mobile holder. Do you know that by using your phone while driving you are taking up the chances of a road mishap by four times? You should be concerned if your sister uses her phone while driving and take a step towards her safety by ensuring that she uses her car mobile holder.



Marilyn Monroe once told us that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and to some extent she is true; girls love things that sparkle. To match the sparkle in her eyes, give her something equally shiny and what can be better than jewelry when it comes to things that bling. It doesn’t have to be something so pricey that it burns a hole in your pocket; you can look for funky faux jewelry and if you have a higher budget, go for pendants or rings; we bet she’ll love it.


Gift your sister mobile accessories this Rakshabandhan from owogroup.com.


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