Do you have phone anxiety?

People have many weird phobias like Francophobia, Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, Scriptophobia, which means having a fear of French people and culture, number 666 and writing in public respectively. One of such phobias is Telephobia, the fear of talking on the phone or you can call it phone anxiety. Apparently it’s quite common and that explains why some people would rather text than call. as the phone rings, their heart races, their palms get sweaty and a mere thought of talking to someone over phone is enough to scare them away. Many of us have it yet we don’t recognize it and just out of curiosity, do you have phone anxiety? Read on to find out.

phone anxiety

Your phone is always on silent

So, you don’t care about disturbing others with your blaring phone but you keep it on silent to have an excuse to ignore calls. By keeping your mobile phone on silent, you are pretending that you didn’t get a call as it’s easier this way.

Your phone is always on silent

You choose texting over calling

Do you sometimes receive a call but instead of accepting it, you decline it and text why they were calling you? This is another sign that you have phone anxiety as you would rather text than go through the dreadful call.


You always wait before calling

The most horrid thing somebody can say to you is, “call me back”. You simply hate the idea of dialing a number and wait for them to pick up. You secretly wish that they don’t pick your call so that you can text them later that you called but they didn’t pick up. If you agree with it, then you have phone anxiety; positive.

You always wait before calling

People complain about you not taking calls

Your friends probably think that a quick call never hurt anybody and decide to call you but only if they knew the trauma you go through when your phone rings. They often complain that you never take their calls and you just stand there wishing they would talk about something else.


You wish the phone would stop ringing

Whenever you pone lights up displaying an incoming call, you find yourself wishing it would stop ringing. And if it’s an important call, you take few moments to prepare yourself but by the time you feel ready to take the call it’s either too late to pick up or it already stops ringing.

stop ringing

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