Siri tricks you never knew about

Siri is probably the best thing in an iPhone. The digital helper can do anything for you and all you need to do is ask her, politely, of course. Siri is much more capable of than just telling you time and date; here are few of the lesser known Siri tricks for you to try out now.


Find the owner

People lose their phones all the time and some lucky people get them back and the rest of the people are not so lucky. But if you ever come across a lost iPhone and there’s no screen lock, open Siri and ask her “whose phone is this?” and she will tell you about the owner’s name and contacts. You can use the details to return the iPhone to its owner.

Find the owner

Find photos

Are you scrolling down thousands of pictures in your album to show your friend the pictures you took in a particular place? Save your time and tell Siri to find the pictures by saying “Find the pictures I took in New York.” This will, of course, only work if you have your location service turned on in the camera app while you were taking the pictures so that each picture is tagged with the location it was taken in.

Find photos

Set reminders

Siri comes with better reminder settings in latest iPhones. If you are looking at a particular webpage or want to remind yourself something later, you can simply command Siri to remind you. Just say “Remind me about this at 4 pm” and Siri will automatically interpret that by “this” you mean the webpage you have opened or tell her “remind me to pick up clothes from the drycleaner’s at 5 pm” and she will set up a reminder for you.


Measurement conversions

If you are someone who struggles with measurement conversions and have to Google each time you need to convert units, use Siri for converting units. To ask Siri to convert a unit, simply say “how many centimeters in a meter?” and she will give you the answer.


Read messages

Siri can also read you your recent messages and you can command her to reply to a text as well. In case your hands are occupied with something, ask Siri to read you the new messages and after it, she will ask you “would you like to reply?” and you can either say no or dictate your reply.


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