Remove watermark from Prisma pictures

When we take a picture today, the first thing that we wonder is that where are we going to upload it. The trend of displaying your life on social media is on its peak and people are stopping at nothing. Photo editing apps are becoming popular and the popularity of the latest photo editing app, Prisma is spreading like fire in a jungle. If you are always on the internet, you must have already seen people using it and uploading their pictures on social media. The app has loads of interesting photo editing options and everywhere you will see people editing their app from Prisma. The app was first launched for iPhones but it became so popular that it was later released for android users as well.


But, when you edit a picture from Prisma, the app adds a watermark on the corner of the picture of increase its popularity. And to be honest, watermarks on pictures don’t look good. What if we told you that you can remove Prisma watermark from your pictures with a simple trick? Yes, you can absolutely remove it and here’s you step by step guide on how to do it.

1.If you have Prismaapp downloaded in your phone, open it. and if you don’t already have the app, download it from Google play.


2.After opening the app, locate the settings icon on the main page of the app and tap on it.

3.You will be directed to the second page and in the list of settings, you will find “add watermark” option.

4.Simply uncheck the option and you are done.


5.The next time you will edit a picture, the Prisma watermark will not appear on it. you have now successfully removed the watermark.

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