iPhone hacks

There are many little iPhone tips and tricks that you haven’t even heard about. From setting custom vibrations to shaking your iPhone to correct typing mistakes, there is so much you don’t know about your iPhone and its high time you learn new tips and tricks. Here are few of the iPhone hacks you probably didn’t know about.


Tell Siri your relationships

Do you have numbers of your relatives saved by their names? You can simply ask her to call your mom or husband and she will ask you who they are and the next time you give her the command to call a relative, she will instantly connect your call.

Tell Siri your relationships

Custom vibrations

By employing a simple trick, you can tell who is calling by the pattern of the vibrations. To set custom vibrations, go to contacts? Select the person>Edit>Vibration>Create New Vibration. You can either choose vibrations from the given list or you can create your own.


Correct Siri’s pronunciation

Is it annoying when Siri mispronounces something wrong? You can correct Siri’s pronunciation with a simple trick. Whenever she mispronounces something incorrectly, tell her, “that’s not how you pronounce…” and she will correct her pronunciation.

Correct Siri’s pronunciation

Shake to correct typing mistake

Did you know that you can correct a typing mistake in your iPhone by simply giving it a shake? Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds. When you make a typing mistake the next time, shake your iPhone and you will get a pop up message that asks you whether you want to undo your typing.

Shake to correct typing mistake

Swipe right to back

Lack of “back” button can be really inconvenient for new iPhone users and retreating to the previous screen can be confusing. But here’s a trick that might help you; simply swipe from left to right on the screen and you will reach the previous page.

Swipe right to back

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