iPhone 7 rumors

As soon as you hear that Apple is going to launch a new iPhone, the rumors about it start spreading quicker than a forest fire. Given that it’s the most popular gadget today, we aren’t really surprised. People start making speculations about its size, features and looks and half of them are absolutely unbelievable. But we are not here to promote the unrealistic expectations of people about the latest iPhone; these are some of the rumors that might be true about it.


Launch date

We know that it’s going to be launched soon, but how soon? There has been a buzz that iPhone 7 of 4.7 inch and iPhone 7 plus of 5.5 inch might be launched by Apple on 16 September.



If you have complaints about the battery life of your current iPhone, you are in luck; it is being said that the battery life of the new iPhone 7 is far better than iPhone 6s and 6s plus. That would be a really good upgrade if it’s true.



It is being predicted that the memory range in the iPhone 7 series will start from 32 GB and the other options will have 64 GB and 128 GB memory capacity.



According to the leaked pictures, the new iPhone 7 is supposed to be the thinnest phone in the history of iPhones. And the new design may also eliminate the headphone jack and Bluetooth earphones will swoop in that can be connected using adapter or Lightening port.


iPhone 7 pro

The rumor has been flying around that the third phone available in the iPhone 7 series will be called iPhone 7 pro and it will have dual camera system which is develop by LinX.


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