Smart car tips and tricks

Driving is fun but not so much when you run into car troubles. You cannot run to a car mechanic each time you have some problem; you need to do some things on your own. If you are a total noob when it comes to handling your car, these little tips and tricks are sure to help you.


Cool down your car

Parking your car under the sun literally turns your car into a human-sized oven. but you have to deal with it as the person ahead of you got the shady spot and you were left to park under the sun. here’s a little trick you can use to cool down your car in few seconds; roll down the window of one door and open and close the other door several times and that should cool down your car.


Increase the range of your car key

When the parking lot is too big and you have a bad memory, finding your car can take forever. For situations when you cannot find your car, you can increase the range of your car remote by placing it under your chin and pressing the buttons.


Shove away road sickness

Some of us simply cannot take long car rides and not feel the sickness building in our throats. If you can relate, the next time you are feeling car sick, tilt your head to the side and that should make it go away.


Remove minor scratches

Wondering how to hide that tiny scratch you got on your dad’s new car? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Take some clear nail polish or the one that matches the color of the car and put it on the scratch and that should take care of it.


Clean foggy headlights

You can clean foggy headlights in minutes using toothpaste and a washcloth. Take some toothpaste in your washcloth and rub it over your headlights till it is clear.


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