How to create a strong password

Isn’t it annoying when your password is rejected because apparently it’s too weak? You can’t really blame them for it as there are a whole lot of hackers waiting to hack accounts of people. And you can’t imagine the lengths people go to steal your personal information to harm you. Setting up a strong password is really important to safeguard yourself from virtual thieves. Here’s your guide to set up a strong password.


Avoid names

Your name or the name of your loved ones is the first things pops up in your head when thinking of a new password and so it does in hacker’s mind when he is thinking of your prospective passwords. Always try to avoid names while setting up a password as they are the easiest to crack.


Character length

The shorter your password is, the easier it is to crack. It will take the hacker few guesses to break into your account if your password is really short. Make sure to use 12 characters or more in your password to make it strong. Keep in mind, longer passwords are always difficult to guess.



It is always wise to use a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols to make it absolutely immune to hacking. Nobody can guess the pattern and characters used by you in your password. and if you have difficulty in remembering a password that contains symbols and number, you can use smileys like “:);P:(“ in your password to make it easy for you to remember.


Don’t use series

Using letter or number series like abcd and 1234 is a big mistake. Anybody can easily guess your password and you will be in deep trouble when they do. And while we are at it, avoid using “password” for your password, it is the easiest password.


Use these tips to create a strong password while signing up for


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