Must have android apps

The first thing we do when we get a new phone is download the apps we are going to need. But there are tons of applications available on Google Play but not all of them are as good and hit and trial method is not going to work where you download apps after apps to check which one is worth keeping. To make it easier for you, here are must have android apps that you need to download right away.


AVG Antivirus

Protection should be the first thing on your mind when you get a new phone. Virus, malware and other threats can really damage the functioning of your phone and you never know when your phone might get infected. AVG Antivirus is a free app that secures your phone from the virtual threats and by enabling the anti-theft feature in it; you can find your phone in case it gets lost. Other features include scheduled scans, lock and wipe data in case of emergencies and making space in your phone.



The ideal app to edit all your pictures is Picsart. Apart from great filters, there is a wide variety of editing tools in the app like crop, resize, brightness, warmth, contrast and much more. If you are bored of Instagram’s filters and looking for a powerful photo editing app, Picsart is your knight in shining armor.


Battery Defender

Do you have to rush to get a charger every few hours to charge your phone? This is a universal issue that everyone has to deal with. But you can extend the life of your battery by simply downloading Battery Defender in your smartphone. When enabled, the app will close all the apps running in the background and will also turn off of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other things that might be draining your battery.


Z launcher

A fool proof way to jazz up your phone is by downloading a launcher in your smartphone. Z launcher is one of the good launchers available for android phones as it has user-friendly interface and has multiple themes, widgets and wallpapers to match your taste. It makes searching for apps easier and doesn’t drain your phone’s battery.


Music Paradise

Downloading music from internet can be daunting as you have to try multiple shady links for ages before locating a legit site. Music Paradise makes it easier for you to download music as you simply have to search for music or album in the app and download directly from there itself. After you are finished downloading, you listen to music right from the app.


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