Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

Are you constantly checking your mobile phone for notifications? If you find it extremely difficult to stay away from your phone, you might be addicted to your smartphone. Mobile phone addiction is really common among the youth as their life revolve around their phone; and why wouldn’t it since smartphones have literally made our life easier to a great extent. But anything in excess is bad be it chocolate or a smartphone. If you have these symptoms, then there are high chances you are addicted to your mobile phone.

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We need not mention how important sleep is for well-being of our mind and body. But since we love staying glued to our phones till late at night, we are depriving ourselves of the time we should be resting and replenishing our mind and body. The chemical called melatonin is responsible for making us sleepy when its dark and regulate our sleep cycle. But the artificial light of your mobile tricks melatonin into believing that it’s still daytime and you have a hard time falling sleep.



Technology is the main reason behind why the rate of depressed people is increasing in this era. With the advent of social media and texting apps, people prefer to text over meeting in person and that has resulted in isolation and anxiety among them. since our phone helps us stay connected to people all the time, it becomes hard to stay away from it. and the constant worry of why people are not texting or calling results into severe depression.



Do you feel that unfathomable rage building inside you when someone takes away your phone or limits your mobile phone usage? If yes, you are addicted to your mobile phone more than you know. The aggressive behavior, mood swings or anxiety displayed by you when someone tries to distance you from your phone, is the proof how much you are dependent and addicted to your phone.


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