Make your phone’s battery last longer

The smarter the mobile phone, the lesser its battery life would be; now we know you are probably saying that it’s not true since there are many good mobile phones with long battery life but they’re exceptions here. Most of the phones today have a short battery life given the number of tasks they can perform in a single minute. But that doesn’t mean you have to rush to get a charger every few hours; there are few tip that may significantly reduce your phone’s battery consumption and here they are.


Background applications

Some applications like Facebook and Whatsapp are always running in the background since we use them the most throughout the day. They consume a major part of your phone’s battery without you even knowing it. To save your battery from running out soon, close these applications that are running in the background.


Live wallpapers and widgets

Putting live wallpapers and widgets on your home screen is surely fun but they are draining the battery of your phone faster than you finish your dessert. Get rid of all the widgets you don’t really need and put simple wallpaper and see for yourself how long the battery lasts.



If you check in your settings that what is consuming the largest chunk of your battery, you will find that it’s your screen. It takes up a lot of power from your battery since it uses light and by reducing the brightness of your screen you will be able to use your phone for a little while longer than you would with full brightness.


Power saving mode

If your phone has power saving mode in it; use it. It will shut off the additional applications that are running in the background and will minimize the usage of battery.


Turn off extra functions

Extra functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more are also responsible for draining your phone’s battery. If you don’t need any of these for the time being or when you are sleeping, turn them off. If your phone is performing multiple functions, it’s obvious that its battery won’t last long.


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