What to do with your old smartphone

Did you get a new phone and the light reflected by its sleek exterior is making you overlook your old smartphone? It happens to the best of us to be honest. We forget our old smartphone as soon as we hold the new one in our palm. But if your old phone is still in good shape, it would be unwise to let it rot when there is so much you can do with it.


Sell it

If your old phone is simply going lie about in your house, it would be a better choice to sell it. You can put an advertisement online about your old smartphone and get paid for it. However, it should be in good condition and should work fine as who would buy a defected product?

Sell it

Donate it

So your phone few dents here and there and is not really in the condition to be sold? We would suggest that you give it away to someone to the less fortunate people. The joy is giving is beyond the words can describe and this way the phone will be put to good use.

Donate it

Emergency phone

Anything can happen when you run out of your good luck. In case your new phone goes missing or something happens to it and you are unable to use it, you can use your old phone as an emergency phone. It can also be used by your other family members if something happens to their phones.

Emergency phone

Repurpose it

It is after all a smart phone and if it’s still working fine you can do many things with it. There are many applications that can turn your phone into a TV remote, heart rate monitor, GPS projector and the possibilities are endless. Find out the best way to use your old smartphone and don’t let it go waste.


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