Control your iPhone with a head tilt

How cool would it be if you could control your iPhone without even touching it? there is actually a way to do it; you can control your iPhone with a head tilt without any expensive iPhone accessories. During situation where you cannot use your hands, this feature in your iPhone will prove to be a huge boon. All set to learn how to control your iPhone with a head tilt? Read on to find out.


  1. The first thing you need to do go to setting and tap on “general”.
  2. Now, go to “accessibility” and then to “switch control”.
  3. Before turning on the “switch control” option, go to “switches” to define your switches.
  4. Now tap on “add new switch”.
  5. From the options provided to you, choose “camera” as your source. By doing this, you are allowing your camera to scan your face to detect any movement of your head.
  6. After you have done that, choose “left” or “right” head tilt.
  7. For each head tilt, you will need to specify the actions you want your iPhone to perform for you when you tilt your head. For the first head tilt, select “tap”. This option will open whatever the system has selected with a simple head tilt. For a better hands-free experience, select “Siri” so that you can your voice to operate your phone.
  8. For your next head tilt, choose “select” so that whenever you tilt your head, it will take you through the options or the actions you want to affect and perform and tap the other side to “tap” it or open it.
  9. Now, turn on the “switch control” to activate the feature.
  10. After you are done, you can set the sensitivity of your head tilt from high to low.
  11. And you are done. Now, you can control your iPhone with something as simple as a head tilt and don’t forget to practice it.

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