Find your lost mobile phone without a tracking app

What’s the first thing you would do after losing your mobile phone? Probably cry your eyes out at first and then regret not downloading a tracking app in your phone. Although downloading a tracking app is an important precaution to take but given that we are too lazy to do that and like to believe that we will probably not lose our phones, we never come across taking necessary precautions. But hey, that doesn’t mean you have lost your phone for good; there are ways by which you can locate your phone without having a tracking app installed in it.


Android Device Manager

One of the easiest way to track your phone is by using Android Device Manager. But there are few requirements for it to work. Your Google account should be logged in your mobile phone and it should have internet connection. Also, locate the device option should be enabled in your Android Device Manager but you don’t have to do it manually as it is turned on by default. But you will need to enable the options of turn off and erase the data as they are turned off by default. If you lose your phone, simply go to Android Device Manager and in your PC while logged in to your Google account and it will track down your phone.


Google search

Google has also devised a similar feature and you can locate your phone by simply typing “where is my phone” in the search bar. It will show you the map where you phone could be and offers you options of “ring” which will let your phone ring in case it’s nearby and you can locate it by following the sound and “recover” which offers you various settings through which you can get your phone back.

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