What to do when you don’t want to accept a request on Facebook


Facebook being the most popular social media website, is the easiest way to approach someone. There’s hardly anybody who doesn’t have an account on Facebook which makes it easier for people to connect with you. But when that guy you met at some café, the girl from your gym, your second and third cousins send you request on Facebook, the turmoil begins whether or not to accept their request. Yes, it was nice talking to them that one time but adding them in your personal life is a tad too much. But what do you do then? You cannot reject the request as that would be rude, you cannot accept it as that would mean giving them exposure to your personal life and leaving it unattended may leave you feel unsettled. But how exactly do you deal with them?


You don’t really have to deal with them, Facebook has a quick fix for your problem. You can add them without giving away the access to your personal life. You can do that by simply accepting their friend request but putting them in the restricted list. By adding them in your restricted list, you are adding them in your friend list, but they can only view the updates like photos and statuses that are public. They will not be able to view those updates that are private and that way you can add them without letting them into your life.

To add them to your restricted list, go to their timeline and click on “friends”. From the drop down menu, choose “add to list”. Now, click on “restricted” to add them to your restricted list.


 It’s a genius feature to deal with people you don’t actually want to be friends with.

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