how to properly clean your mobile phone

Did you know that your mobile phone carries more bacteria than a toilet seat; unbelievable, right? It is, however, true. Since we use our phone all the time during the day, it is constantly exposed to dirt and sweat from our palms. Your phone is, thus, a hub of bacteria and is probably one of the dirtiest things you come in contact with. Do yourself a favor and clean your phone today.


Wipe it

Wiping your phone every now and then with anti-bacterial wipes is a great way to keep it clean. If you have anti-bacterial wipes, use them to wipe the plastic or metal part of your phone. you can also use a microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol if you have some lying around; usually you get them with sunglasses and Smartphones.

Wipe it

Distilled water

Tap water is not as effective since it contains chemicals and might leave a visibly thin film on the screen of your phone when it dries. use distilled water to wipe clean the screen and camera lens of your phone. it will clean effectively and won’t leave a film when it dries.


Q-tips and toothpicks

Those little pesky cracks are the hardest to clean and that’s where you will find the most of the dirt. Toothpicks make a great tool to pick out the dirt from these cracks but be careful as you don’t want to end up with scratches. Use Q-tips to clean the inside of your phone. take out your battery and go through every corner and cervices of your phone to clean it thoroughly.

Q-tips and toothpicks


When you are done with cleaning, use cotton to wipe off the residual dirt or any dampness left by cleaning wipes.


Phone case

What’s the purpose of cleaning your phone if you are going to put back on the dirty mobile back cover? After you are done with cleaning your phone, take some time to clean your phone case as well.

Phone case

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