How to detect fake coupons

Coupons are a great shopping tool to save your money. Who wouldn’t love a magic ticket that fetches you more things for lesser money? We know, we do. But there are people who use fake coupons to rip you of your cash or to simply harm you which makes it quite a pickle to detect a fake coupon from a real one. But here are tips that will help you.


It’s too good to be true

Buy 1 get 3, 50 percent off on your complete bill; sounds too good, eh? People use all kinds of tricks to lure you towards them and one of them is offering something that nobody can say no to. and you have no idea how many people actually fall for them. Watch out for coupons that are too good to be true as they are mostly fake.

Google it

Before deciding to get the coupon, be absolutely sure about it. there are shopping website that provide you with honest reviews about things. Google about the coupon to verify its authenticity. You will be surprised with the information you might discover.

It leads you to suspicious sites

So, did someone share a link of a coupon with you? before falling for it, watch where the link is leading you. original coupons by retailers usually lead you to their websites and if the link is leading you to a shady portal, its fake.

It’s blacklisted

There are websites that provide you a list of fake coupons. Simply Google for such Online sites and check whether the coupon you found is listed in it. If it is on the list, it is fake and if it is not, consider verifying it further.

You have to pay for it

While not all the paid coupons are fake, but mostly authentic coupons are free. It’s tricky to decide whether or not to pay for a coupon but when it comes to paying for something, you should be absolutely sure that it’s not a scam. Always buy coupons from trusted and reputed sites.

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