How to opt out of WhatsApp sharing your information with Facebook

Did you know that if you don’t change your settings, WhatsApp will share your data on Facebook after 30 days of seeing Whats App’s latest privacy policy update?

No, it’s not a rumor; apparently, WhatsApp plans on sharing the user data with its parent company, Facebook to improve their ads. It is first time in four years since being bought by Facebook that WhatsApp is updating their terms and conditions.


The user data that is going to be shared includes your phone number and last seen will on WhatsApp. However, your phone number will not be visible publicly and it will not fill the phone number part of personal information on Facebook. The information will be used by Facebook to provide you with filtered ads if you allow them to share your data. But don’t go running to the hills just yet, it does not mean that your pictures, messages and other files that you share on WhatsApp will be handed to Facebook. Due to user-to-user encryption, the privacy of messages and pictures that you share on WhatsApp will remain untouched and Facebook will not be able to view it.

From the first time you see the update in privacy policy page when you open your WhatsApp, you have 30 days to agree and not agree with it. There are two ways of opting out of the changes in the new policy.

The first method


If you have not yet accepted the privacy policy of WhatsApp, you can opt out of new terms and conditions whenever you see the update in terms and conditions page. Simply tap on “read more…” and it will display you its latest update in policy and uncheck the box that reads “Share my WhatsApp information with Facebook…”. Your information will not be shared. Now, you can tap on “Agree”.

The second method


For those who did not pay any heed to the update page when they opened WhatsApp, you have 30 days to opt out of latest terms and conditions.

Simply go to WhatsApp settings and tap on Accounts. You will find an option that reads “share my account info”, turn it off and you will receive a pop up message that will confirm if you are sure you don’t want to share info with Facebook, tap on “Don’t share”.



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