How to speed up your Wi-Fi

They say that if you want to test a person, make them use a computer with slow internet; but to be honest, anyone would lose their minds with the slow internet despite what they are like. And slow Wi-Fi can be absolutely frustrating especially when you paid for high speed internet connection. But you can always tweak your Wi-Fi to boost its speed. Here are few things that you can try.


Find the perfect spot

The reason you might not be getting enough coverage and suffering from slow internet can be the place where your router is placed. If you are keeping it in a closed space that is covered with walls or other obstructions, the Wi-Fi signal you will receive will be weak. Place it in a place that is open and if possible, try to place it in the middle of the house so that you can get even coverage.

Find the perfect spot

Keep electronics away from the router

Placing your router near your electronics like TV, microwave and other electronics is a mistake that you might be making. They emit their own electromagnetic waves that might be interfering with the waves of your router. A simple fix would be to place your router somewhere far away from your electronic devices.


Change the password

The more people know your Wi-Fi password and use it, the slower its speed will be. And even if nobody knows the password apart from your family, someone else still might be using your Wi-Fi as there are ways to hack it. to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, change the password of your Wi-Fi regularly.


Get a repeater

Another way to increase the speed and coverage of your Wi-Fi is by getting a repeater. Generally, most of the Wi-Fi cover the range of 150 feet around it and if you live in a large house, you might be facing connectivity issues. You can fix it by buying a repeater and it will boost your Wi-Fi’s speed and range.

Get a repeater

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