Kill time with Google

Google has become a second name for the internet and there’s nobody who hasn’t heard the name. World’s top tech company has no just created the best search engine but has also added an element of fun to it. Google search is great to look up things but did you know you can also kill your spare time with it? Google has devised many interesting tricks to amuse you and if you haven’t tried them yet, we would urge you to go ahead and try them.


Google underwater

Type “Google underwater” in the search engine click on the first link. Your home page will go underwater and the logo, search button and bar will literally float in the water till you decide to click on “I am feeling lucky” which will cause gold coins, treasure chests and jewels to drop on them from above and bury them underwater. And if you search something, the results will drop in the water from above. Also, if you click and drag the cursor in the water, it will cause waves to scatter your home page. We promise it will make your browsing more fun.


Google Pacman

Remember Pacman? It was one of the most popular games in video game parlors. You can play Pacman on the homepage of Google. Type “Google Pacman” in the search bar and click on the first link. You can enjoy the game and when the game ends, you can insert a coin.


Google guitar

Missing your guitar? Play guitar designed by Google on its homepage and we promise you won’t get bored of it. Just type “Google guitar” in the search bar and click on the first link. It will direct you to the Google homepage that has a guitar instead of its logo. There are tunes displayed below that you can play or you can choose to create and record one of your own.


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