Would you change your name to “iPhone 7”? This man did

Among the extremely popular gadgets are iPhones by Apple. The craze about owning the gadget could be seen when people swarmed outside the Apple stores in hundreds to buy the new iPhone 7. And not even the rain could sway the devoted fan from waiting 18 hours while it poured to lay his hands on the iPhone 7. How far would you go for the love of gadgets? Say, would you change your name to iPhone 7 if it meant you could get a new iPhone 7?


As bizarre and unbelievable as it sounds, someone actually did it. Olexander Turin, a 20-year-old from Ukraine changed his name to iPhone Sim (seven) in a jiffy when an electronics store offered to give away iPhone 7 to first five people who would change their name to iPhone 7.


Olexander Turin aka iPhone sim (seven) left his friends and family in shock when he announced that he would change his name. His sister, TetyanaPanina, said “It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true.” And why wouldn’t it be, changing your name to the name of some gadget is nothing short of crazy but also a unique way to express your love for the gadget.

However, Olexander plans on changing his name back to his original name once he decides to have kids. But until then, he will be called iPhone Sim by others.

iPhones aren’t just uber cool smartphones, they come at a back-breaking price which makes them a luxury product and when you are a diehard fan like Olexander, the prospect of owning the latest iPhone by simply changing your name doesn’t seem the worst in this world, now, does it?

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