Wireless speakers from owogroup

Today, wires are being eliminated from all the devices possible. Wires and cords are annoyingly restricting and you will not find that companies are coming up with wireless gadgets every now and then. Speaking of wireless gadgets, are you still using cables to connect your phone to your speaker? Bless yourself with the wireless technology and get rid of cables. We have for you, wireless speakers from owogroup.


Bluetooth speaker

Among the best Bluetooth speakers are JBL GO Bluetooth speakers by owogroup. The compact sized Bluetooth speaker offer high quality music audio and you can carry them in your palm. Apart from your mobile phone, they can be connected to other devices as well via Bluetooth or a cable. The speaker can render your booming sound for up to five hours when fully charged and also, you can take calls on your phone as the speaker comes with noise cancellation feature. Listening to music gets better when its playing on JBL GO speaker with superior sound quality. Available in various colors, you can buy JBL GO Bluetooth speaker from owogroup.


Wireless speaker

Another option in wireless speaker is Best Core Magic Boost speaker from owogroup. the best thing about Best Core speaker is that they neither need Bluetooth technology or a cable to connect your phone to the speaker. All you have to do is simply place your mobile phone in the slot provided on the slope of the speaker to amplify your music. The speaker makes a great tool to listen to music and to watch movies as it renders you the best hands free experience. The speaker offers you six hours of play time once charged and it can be charged using your usual mobile phone charger or via USB cable from your PC. On top of it, it comes with a battery indicator.




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