Revolutionary advancements in mobile phone technology

When Graham Bell first invented the phone, he could not have imagined that someday it will be capable of paying bills and taking pictures. It is astounding how far we have come in terms of mobile phone technology. Smartphones have made our life easier and it can perform all the tasks you can think of except cooking you food, but with the rate it’s developing we won’t be surprised when one day it would be actually capable of cooking our food. Here are some of the notable advancements in mobile phone technology. 



Gone are the days when we had to buy mobile data to access internet; the Wi-Fi function in phones now allows us to access to high speed internet in our homes and offices. The technology has changed the way we are using internet in our phones and not to mention, the technology has brought down our internet bills. Earlier, we had limited access to internet but today we can use limitless internet on almost all of our gadgets with the Wi-Fi technology.


Online money transactions

Did you know that 95% of the money in the world is digital? As the technology advanced, the money became digital. Now you don’t have to carry a bundle of cash in your pocket, a little card will do that for you. And online money transactions have stretched the scope of digital cash. You can now make an online purchase and make online payments as well; you can also transfer money online and pay your bills as well. The whole scenario has changed and we can now handle our money using the little computer from our homes.


 Touch screen

Remember when you had to push a button three times to type a “C”? Ah! Good old days. Today, buttons have been wiped out clean from smartphones and have been replaced by touchscreens. A little tap of your finger can operate your phone and the concept became so popular that manufacturers stopped including buttons in phone and now you will find sleek, polished, touch screen phones everywhere. The technology has been adopted by other gadgets like TVs, laptops, tablets as well.


Mobile augmented reality

Enhancing the reality by adding virtual elements to is one of the greatest boons of technology. It has made life a lot simpler and has enhanced the quality of our life at the same time. By combining digital information with reality, communication and entertainment has reached a whole new level. You can play games on your phone that have an aspect of reality in them like your location or surrounding and also, you can find the information about a place by simply pointing your phone at it.


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