Cheaper alternative to Apple Airpods

We can’t deny it, Airpods by Apple are impressive. They are wireless earphones with high sound quality and has some really incredible features like they pause when you take them off and the ease of usage makes them impeccable. But buying them would mean spending a considerable amount of your savings. But if you are simply looking for wireless earphones with great sound quality, push aside the thought of buying Apple Airpods and go for a cheaper alternative, Bluetooth earphones.



Airpods became popular because of their wireless aspect. They don’t need cords to be connected to the iPhone and if you are looking for the same wireless experience, give Bluetooth earphones a try. They are wireless earphones that require Bluetooth technology to be connected to your mobile phone. Apart from listening to music and watching movies, they let you take calls too as it has a built-in mic for to make it taking calls easier.


Six hours of battery backup

The Bluetooth earphones from owogroup can play audio for up to six hours when fully charged. You can listen to music, watch movies on your mobile phone for six nonstop hours without worrying about the battery.

Six hours of battery backup


You can connect your Bluetooth earphones to any gadget that supports Bluetooth technology. Whether it is your laptop, TV or your tablet, as long as it supports Bluetooth, you can connect your earphones to them and use them easily. Apple airpods, on the other hand, aren’t as versatile and they are limited to iPhone 7 and do not support earlier iPhone versions.


Secure fit

Whether you are running, cooking or driving, Bluetooth earphones will securely fit in your ears and will not fall off easily. However, Apple Airpods might fall off as they have no support whatsoever and losing them would crush you given that they are costly.


Shop online for Bluetooth earphones from at attractive prices.



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