How to avoid spam emails

On a scale of one to ten, how annoying do you think spam emails are? We would say it’s eleven. We like our inbox clean with no trace of useless emails but that would mean constantly deleting them which is no fun. They are sent to us for the purpose of advertising, say, from online shopping portals and sometimes plainly to harm us. Not being able to find your important emails because of the number of spams is over the top annoying. Also, avoiding spam emails is a safety precaution that you should always take. Here’s how you can avoid spam emails.


Avoid oversharing your address

The reason you get spam emails in your inbox is that you are sharing them on wrong platforms. Your email address should be confidential that you should not go around telling people. Giving away your address on a random portal is how your email address gets in wrong hands. There are people who might misuse your email address and this is why you need to handle your email address with care. Don’t give it to just anybody and treat it like a confidential data. In case of online shopping sites, make sure the site is legit before signing up on it.


Use disposable email addresses

If you need to sign up but the portal seems shady, we would recommend you to use a disposable email address. Create a temporary account that you can later delete. You can evade spam emails getting delivered to your authentic account through this way. If the portal is genuine, you will not have any problems but if they decide to send you spam mails, you know you can always get rid of the account.

Use disposable email addresses

Never reply to spam emails

One thing that you should absolutely avoid doing is replying to spam emails. You don’t know who is sitting there on the other end and they might not even be a person, for all we know. Once you reply to their emails, you will attract more spams in your inbox. No matter how tempting the email might seem, avoid replying to them.

Never reply to spam emails

Never open attachments

Unless you want to wreck your system completely, never ever open the attachments delivered to you by spammers. They might contain viruses that can seriously affect your computer or they have encryption that can lock your system and spammers might ask you for ransom to undo it. The better thing to do would be avoid opening the attachments.

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