How to spend less time on phone

It’s scary to know that for more than half of the day we stay glued to our phones, during which we recklessly neglect our priorities. You could get more done if you spend less time on your phone but if it were as easy as it sounds, we wouldn’t need to discuss it. Made up your mind to cut back on phone usage? Here are few tips to get you started.


Turn off notifications

As soon as we hear our phone ping, we race across the hall to reach our phone. Notifications from social media, texting apps, games, online shopping and other apps are a huge distraction as they tempt us to leave whatever work we are doing to check them. And given that we suffer from poor self-restraint, it isn’t really a wonder how we end up spending hours after having checked our notifications. If you are serious about cutting back on time spend on your phone, turn off those godforsaken notifications.

Turn off notifications

Include phone free hours in your schedule

The best way to cut back on your time spent on phone, consider setting up phone free hours every day and put away your mobile phone and other mobile accessories out of your sight. During these hours you can do things like read, walk, study, spend time with your pet and anything else that you don’t usually find time for. You will be surprised with how productive these hours can prove for you.

Include phone free hours in your schedule

Monitoring apps

If nothing else works for you, a reality check might do the trick. There are apps that monitor the exact number of hours you spend on your phone. With the help of these apps, you can monitor how much time you are spending on your phone and develop strategies to lessen it.

Monitoring apps

Don’t check your phone in the morning

We all have a habit of checking our phone right after waking up as if it’s the morning paper; and before you know it, you are already late for work. You will get more done and manage your time better if you keep your phone away from yourself at night.

Don’t check your phone in the morning

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